Terpstra in je tank

Vergeet die tijger, scheuren op mensenvet gaat het helemaal worden in 2007.

Liposuctioned fat could be bio-diesel fuel

OSLO, Norway, Dec. 6 One person’s liposuction is another person’s biodiesel fuel, as a Norwegian businessman wants to use suctioned fat to develop an alternative fuel source.

Biodiesel can be produced from either plant oils or animal fat, and Lauri Venoy sees the product from liposuction procedures as a renewable energy source, Aftenposten said.

Venoy’s firm in Miami is in negotiations with a hospital to give the company about 3,000 gallons of human fat a week from liposuction operations, which the company says is enough to produce about 2,600 gallons of biodiesel fuel.

In Norway biodiesel is primarily produced from fish oils and used fryer fat.

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