From Russia, With Love

From Russia, With LoveHet SPAM-filter zat weer eens verstopt. Bij het uitspoelen onder de lauwe kraan, viel er een berichtje uit van een lieve Russische dame:

Hello my name is Katya I am from small city in the center  of Russia. I am 24 years old.I am very friendly and romantic person. I saw  your structure and have decided to do record in you as I search for the friend  on the Internet! I want to have serious relationship and it true.My dream   is search for the man which will appreciate me and to respect. I like to  get acquainted with unknown people. I am a optimistic girl with sense of humor,   who is looking for her soulmate… Sometimes I go to the disco with my friends. I like to spend my free time on the nature. There are a real beautiful places near my town! Al my life I like sport. When I was young I was engaged in  gymnastics and now I am engaged in aerobics. Al my friend say that i cheerful  and sociable. I hope soon to see your message in my box.


Dankzij een alleraardigste Nigeriaanse Prins, altijd je SPAM netjes opeten, speelt geld geen rol meer bij 3 GAZET. Er is dus tijd genoeg om een antwoordje terug te sturen:

Hello, I love your name very good. My name is Stan. I am a little older but since you need structure to your husband, I am good. Records I turn no more. Have you did searched for MP3 on the Putinwebs? Where is the real relationship, so I think it will be well. It is good that you are optimistic, because if you know English so good you should can good against disappointments. I have no friends so if I go to the disco is I there is kicked out by long arm of law, so adventure is in my sport I think, isn’t it? The stories of when you were young seem to me very well. With 24 experienced have you fix many. Fine that you want some in your box. There it is also me to do. Loves, Stan.

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